10+ Baby Shower Party Ideas for Baby Girl

Baby shower party is basically thrown to shower the expectant mother with presents and advices for life after baby. Arrangements for a baby shower party will be different for a baby boy or a baby girl. Here you will get ideas for planning a baby shower party for a girl including guests list, party theme, menu, games and baby shower favors.

Who Should be Invited

Only female friends, family members and co-workers were invited in the traditional baby shower parties. Even baby’s father was also not invited in this party but now the trend has somewhat changed so male guests can also be invited in a baby shower party. Make a list of all guests to be invited so that you may make other arrangements accordingly. Design invitation in girl like themes and send it to all guests along with information about party like when and where etc. Don’t forget to mention that “it’s a baby girl” so that guests may bring girly gifts.

Baby Shower Party Theme

Selecting a theme for the party will help you in making all arrangements so select theme for the party at first. You may select an animal theme for decoration. In this theme you will select cute animals like ducks, monkeys or teddy bears for making decorations or cake toppers. You should select a pink or purple theme if you are planning a party for a baby girl. You should make all decorations with pink color as dominating color and ask guests to choose gifts in pink color.

Venue Decorations

Decorations for the venue of baby shower party should be made according to selected theme. You are suggested to hang lamps decorated with pink, white and purple ribbons. Use pink and white candles to create a calm environment. Hang different girly decoration items on ceiling. You can use balloons as major decorating material. You can hang beautiful pink dolls along with information about who guest has presented this gift. Hanging baby girls’ dresses on walls is another very creative idea. Stage decoration where mom-to-be will sit should also show pink color in main.

Menu Selection

Select girly like menu for baby shower party for a girl for instance a pink and white cake with pink frosting will do great. Serving strawberry ice cream in dessert will be a great selection.

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower party without games will be incomplete so plan games for party in advance and make arrangements accordingly. Well it will be a challenge to select baby shower games especially for girls theme so you can select any of interesting games. A very interesting game for a baby shower party is to ask guests to cut a piece of ribbon or string that they think will be fit around the mother’s belly and see who’s idea is closest one and give her a gift. Have fun in asking all guests to suggest names for baby girl. This activity will make the mom-to-be have great ideas for naming her daughter. Music selection will also be a part of your planning for fun.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Make sure that the gift ideas you make are in best match with the selected theme. Try to get everything in pink, white or purple like pink candies, pink bottle, pink lotion, pink hair accessories, pink shoes or pink goody bag etc.

Get assistance from the ideas shared above in planning a memorable baby shower party for a girl.

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